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What's new in AngaCom 2014

AngaCom Fair, held every year in Cologne, Germany, opened its doors to visitors on May 20-22.
According to the information given by the fair authorities, the number of exhibitors and visitors increased by 15% compared to the previous years.

We visited the fair on our last day and we didn't see many crowds and most of the participants we talked to said they had a quieter visit this year.

As for the innovations, we haven't seen any exciting innovation. What attracted our attention was the fact that Humax and Samsung had 4K satellite receivers on their booth, but since these are more Prototypes, it seems that taking a tangible device will take time.

VU + introduces an introductory model called Solo SE and a small IPTV device from GigaBlue, the company official said they would release the device in August. As a manufacturer of VU + devices, the Korean company, Marusys, has demonstrated its PrismCube branded 2.0-GHz dual-core processor as the fastest device in the world.

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